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Summit talks between His Majesty King Abdullah II and U.S. President George Bush will open after midnight (Amman local time) while tension is still overshadowing the situation in the Middle East because of the ongoing acts of violence on the Palestinian Israeli scenes.
His Majesty King Abdullah II said that unless the political problem of the Palestinian cause is tackled and unless a viable Palestinians state is establishment and a formula that provides peace and security for the Israelis and Palestinians is found, violence will continue.

In an interview with the US BBS the King said `when we watched the Israeli army incursion into the West Bank, I told the Israelis that for each Palestinian they kill or injure hundred others will be born`.
His Majesty King Abdullah opened talks on Tuesday with U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice on bilateral relations and the current efforts to reduce tension in the Middle East.
His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed the need to move quickly towards a final resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the peace process needs to be pushed forward within the next few weeks.

The establishment of the Palestinian state on the Palestinian land should be within `a reasonable timeframe that we all agree on,` King Abdullah said in an interview with CNN news network Monday. `If we only keep talking about establishing a Palestinian state during the coming 10 or 15 years then we would achieve no progress at all`, King Abdullah added.
His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed during his meeting with US Secretary of State Collin Powell that UN resolutions 242, 338, 1337 and 1397 should serve as a reference framework for the suggested conference on the Middle East.

His Majesty stressed during the meeting which was attended by high ranking Jordanian officials, the importance of the participation of all parties in the proposed conference.
His Majesty King Abdullah II held talks in Washington with US Vice-President Dick President that focused on the US role to end the current crisis in the Middle East. The King also called for taking quick steps to resume peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis.

His Majesty stressed that the continuous cycle of violence will end if Israel implements UN Security Council resolutions and recognize the rights of Palestinians.
His Majesty King Abdullah II began a several-day visit to the US where he will meet with US President George Bush.

His Majesty is expected to hold talk with Bush on May 8 on ways of activating the peace process and taking practical steps to end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state on the Palestinian lands.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Friday said Saudi Crown Prince`s land-for peace initiative, adopted at 27-28 March Beirut summit, constitutes a new beginning to achieve comprehensive peace, noting this plan needs to be further crystallized and to work out mechanisms with the US administration conducive to a timetable to implement it on the ground.
His Majesty King Abdullah II reiterated Wednesday that what Jordan has achieved over the past decades affirms the soundness of the development process, its true inclinations and serious endeavor to achieve a dignified free life for all citizens in a state of law, security and stability.
His Majesty King Abdullah II reiterated support to Jordanian universities to fulfill their scientific message and contribute to build Jordan.

During his meeting today with presidents of public universities, His Majesty pointed out to the necessity of focusing on the quality of educationin order to make Jordan would be a model in the region. We do our utmost to make our universities cope up with the modern scientific and technical developments, His Majesty affirmed.