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His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday telephoned Iraqi President Jalal Taliban and expressed his sincere and deep grief over Al-Aaimmah bridge accident which left hundreds of people killed or injuried.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday acted as patron at a ceremony marking the anniversary of Al Israa Wal Miraj.
30 Aug. 2005
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday said achieving a true peace between Palestinians and Israelis requires an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and commitment to the full implementation of the roadmap.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday said Jordan was steadily moving ahead with reform and modernization, saying that the citizens' needs should top the government's priorities.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday said Jordanians' solidarity will foil any attempt to tamper with the Kingdom's security and stability.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday paid condolences in a phone call to the family of Ahmad Najdawi, the Jordanian army soldier killed in a terrorist attack in the Gulf of Aqaba on Friday.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday said schools have a vital role to play in combating extremism and promoting Islam's moderation and tolerance.
His Majesty King Abdullah condemned the "cowardly and criminal" terrorist attack that occurred in the port city of Aqaba on Friday and killed a Jordanian soldier and wounded another.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on ways to enhance bilateral ties and recent political developments in the Middle East, including Israel's withdrawal from Gaza and the situation in Iraq.
His Majesty King Abdullah will meet tomorrow Russian President Vladimir Putin and discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation, mainly in the economic, trade and investment fields.