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Teachers’ Housing

Since King Abdullah II ascended the throne, he put great focus on teaching and teachers, based on His Majesty’s vision that emerging nations cannot receive their share of prosperity and progress without education. The King sponsored many initiatives to improve the professional and living conditions of teachers, which has a positive effect on the learning environment.

The project of offering healthy and adequate housing for teachers has received attention and personal support from King Abdullah, as it aims to provide an atmosphere of comfort and safety for teachers which assists them in conveying their educational message to the fullest extent.

Royal support increased the number of beneficiaries from the teachers’ housing fund from 180 teachers a year to 1,000, with an amount of JD20,000 for each teacher. In addition, royal support makes it possible to continue providing 1,400 teachers annually with no-interest, soft loans for studying and housing purposes. His Majesty’s contribution to the project supported 1,300 teachers’ grants and easy loans for housing and studying, in addition to giving 250 teachers housing loans.