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Other Education-Related Initiatives

While JEI and ERfKE represent the Kingdom's major education reform efforts, His Majesty King Abdullah II has backed many other programmes to help students and teachers and to improve the educational environment.


EduWave began as an e-learning project, applied in schools around the Kingdom and financed by the King Abdullah Fund for Development. The first programme of its kind both locally and regionally, EduWave offers e-solutions to teach students at all stages using an interactive graphic interface. The system also enables teachers to employ lively examples, models, and scientific experiments to enrich conventional textbook material. Work on the computerisation of all public schools began in 1999 and concluded in 2005; all schools were computerised and linked electronically. Many Middle Eastern countries benefitted from this model.

Teachers’ Housing

Because teachers are one of the country's most important resources, King Abdullah has consistently pursued programmes that would encourage more young people to enter this profession. The Ministry of Education now offers scholarships for aspiring educators, while the King himself has initiated programmes to provide high-quality subsidised housing for teachers, particularly in rural and under-served areas.

Student Welfare

Student well-being is also a critical focus of King Abdullah's concern for education. After national surveys conducted in the 1990's revealed serious health deficiencies among some school children, including Vitamin A and D and iron deficiencies that have a detrimental impact on learning abilities, the King directed the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation to implement a school nutrition programme.

The programme provides students with a healthy mid-morning snack including milk, fruit and protein and vitamin-enriched biscuits. The programme includes UNRWA and army-run schools, as well as government schools, and is being expanded annually. Following a visit to the Ministry of Education in September 2002, King Abdullah issued directives to provide schoolchildren with vitamins on a daily basis to improve their health and nutrition and to bolster their immunity against illness and disease. This project is implemented cooperatively by the Ministry of Education and the Jordan Armed Forces.

Winter Coats Distribution

In 2005, King Abdullah II launched a campaign to distribute winter coats among schoolchildren in grades one through six. Upon the King’s directives, all compulsory stage students in public schools were to be given winter coats before the winter season every year, to help them and alleviate their parents’ financial burden. In 2008, the project has been expanded to include all students in public, military, and UNRWA schools in the various stages, benefitting more than 1.5 million students.

Prior to the start of the 2006-2007 school year, King Abdullah also contributed 110,000 schoolbags to public school students in grades 1-12, focusing on the Kingdom’s twenty poverty pockets. Each schoolbag included all the required stationery and other school supplies.

School heating project

Keen to improve conditions in public schools, to enhance learning and to achieve the principle of equal opportunity, King Abdullah issued directives to heat all public schools and they were provided with 31,000 heaters in 2007.

Exemption of School Fees

In order to alleviate citizens’ suffering in difficult economic conditions, the King instructed the government to exempt all public school students from fees for the 2008-2009 academic year. More than 1.3 million students benefitted from this royal initiative, at a cost of more than JD5 million.