Official website of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Master Development Plans

His Majesty King Abdullah II’s developmental approach, expressed during visits to different regions of Jordan, is based on comprehensive planning and identification of land use. This establishes a sound foundation for a sustainable development process, taking into account prospects for urban population growth and the required residential and other services. The King has repeatedly called upon the government to conduct such planning in its developmental work to meet the immediate and future demands on public services, including basic infrastructure.

With the need to develop some areas, to attract investments and stimulate trade and economic activities to suit their different advantages, it became necessary to create a master development plan for the Kingdom. Planning considers the needs of the citizens, appropriate commercial and construction expansion and how to maintain the area’s organisational and aesthetic dimensions. The process stimulates the development and investment atmosphere and eventually, provides jobs.

In 2006, a project to prepare a land-use map for all regions of the Kingdom was begun. The first phase, completed during February – September 2006, included the preparation of a general master development plan for land use in Jordan. It identified appropriate land that is outside the organisation for any use (agricultural, industrial and residential). Accordingly, Regulation No. 6 of 2007 was issued to regulate land-use and to divide territories by using zoning cryptography, as follows:

  • Agricultural areas sector, identified by the symbol (A)
  • Rural areas sector, identified by the symbol (B)
  • Marginal areas sector, identified by the symbol(C)
  • Desert areas sector, identified by the symbol (D)

The second phase, 2008-2012, involves the preparation of detailed master development plans for the governorates’ centres, specifically the areas that fall within the organisational boundaries of the various municipalities. It is projected that these plans should be implemented to include all 93 municipalities in the Kingdom by the year 2012 (excluding the Greater Amman Municipality and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority).

Upon royal guidance, the preparation of master development plans for certain areas of competitive advantage, such as Azraq, Jabal Ajloun, the Jordan Valley and Ruweished, also were completed.