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King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB)

Today's economies are based on knowledge, ingenuity and creative thinking. Once the centre of the world for scientific and technical research, the Arab countries now lag behind international averages in both the number and quality of research institutes.

To begin closing this gap, His Majesty King Abdullah II, only months after assuming his constitutional powers, established a first-class military and commercial research centre in Jordan. The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) is an indigenous, self-sufficient and commercially viable technology development facility, providing a one-stop solution for equipment optimised for the requirements of the Middle East. KADDB is an independent government agency, existing within the Jordan Armed Forces, financed through the defence allocation, as well as by income earned from the sale of its technology, products and services.

The bureau strengthens local industries by partnering with reputable Jordanian companies, as well as with some of the world's foremost technology corporations, to pursue its primary goal of supplying the Jordan Armed Forces with high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective scientific and technical services. While pursuing this objective, KADDB also contributes to creating a strong and sustainable industrial base in Jordan. The bureau’s overseas partnerships with other research institutions help to advance and fund technology research in the country and attract investment.

With an eye on the future, KADDB is involved in the identification, selection, recruitment and training of the next generation of Jordanian engineers and scientists. KADDB also provides vocational training at internationally accredited levels to help create a pool of appropriately qualified, skilled labour for it and its partner companies. Its Scientific Research Unit works hand-in-hand with academia and the private sector to encourage the training of more first-rate Jordanian graduates, while job placement programmes at universities help KADDB recruit Jordan’s best and brightest. Careers available at KADDB also contribute to keeping skilled and talented young people in Jordan.

Scope of work
The bureau works in several areas including command and control systems, communications, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, remote control automated systems, and software development. It produces packaged food, helmets, flak jackets, specialised shoes, weapons and ammunition of various calibres. KADDB manufactures manned and unmanned aircraft, heavy and medium machinery and metallic structures and plates and shields wheeled and tracked machines.

The Bureau offers a solid base for joint investment operations in the international defence industry and has established companies with international partners from the region and around the world.

The bureau participates in a number of specialised international defence exhibitions in Jordan and abroad, where KADDB presents its latest innovations, expands its trade networks and signs new agreements. KADDB and its affiliated companies’ products are currently marketed and sold to governmental and nongovernmental organisations in more than 35 Arab and foreign countries.

Facilities and staff
Since 2008, the bureau has managed and operated the KADDB Industrial Area, an industrial free zone specialised in defence industries, machinery and vehicles. This area enjoys all the privileges, facilities and incentives. It includes facilities and laboratories for the examination and evaluation of machinery, equipment, weapons and ammunition in accordance with international standards.

KADDB and its affiliated companies have hired about 2,500 employees in different capacities, a significant contribution to solving the problem of unemployment in Jordan. The bureau develops the qualified labour force of Jordan through its annual training plan for cadres, according their specialties.

KADDB also networks with scientific, research and industrial institutions and all interested parties to attract and encourage innovators and to adopt their practical, productive ideas. It maintains mutual understanding agreements with a number of Jordanian public and private universities, in the belief that the qualified, trained human element is the basis for the success. Hence, KADDB’s investment in locating talent, achieving just employment, away from any consideration but scientific and practical merit, and promoting scientific qualifications, experience, and willingness to work as a team—a model for its own success and for the national industry.